Royal Deluxe

A soft, mid-weight, economical product perfect for a variety of applications

Royal Deluxe is PolyTurf's best value and your top choice for a soft, beautiful lawn. Available in both a tan and a green thatch option, It features a two tone forest and spring green blade and is great for cost effective landscaping, pets, playgrounds, street-scapes, green belts, medians, rooftops, and more.

Product Details

Royal Deluxe synthetic turf is great looking, mid green in color, resilient, and durable yet soft with a 62 oz. fiber weight and a 1 ½" pile height.  This economical turf option is a city's top choice for a green, low maintenance, water conserving landscape. Eliminating most urban runoff concerns, Royal Deluxe is recommended for streetscapes, green belts, and medians. As a soft, attractive, and affordable product, Royal Deluxe is also perfect for residential landscaping, homeowners associations, pool surrounds, playgrounds, rooftops, dog runs, and more. The medium pile height and mid weight yarn fiber of this product make this artificial turf nearly effortless to clean and maintain.

Royal Deluxe is available in both a 62oz and an 80oz fiber weight with either a natural looking tan thatch or a vibrant green thatch


Fiber Weight 62 oz, 80oz
Pile Height 1 1/2" Directional
Cool Reflect Technology  Yes
EnviroFlow Backing Yes
Roll Width 15'
Perforation Even drainage throughout

Two Tone Forest & Spring Green with
Olive & Tan Thatch or Green Thatch

Warranty 10 Years
  • Cool Reflect Heat Reducing Fiber
  • EnviroFlow Rapid Draining Backing
  • Nanobac Antibacterial Technology
  • Available with Green or Tan Thatch
  • Available in Various Fiber Weights
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Made With Recycled Content
  • Lead Free - Non-Toxic
  • LEED rated
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