Active Pet & Play

The perfect choice for any pet or playground area, Active Pet & Play is short, lightweight, natural looking, and easy to clean and maintain

Active Pet & Play's durable and cost effective, short blade height allows for easy clean up and adds resilience for high traffic areas. With Cool Reflect heat reducing technology and a natural look, Active Pet & Play is a great choice for any recreational area.

Product Details

Active Pet & Play comes in an earthy, dual toned spring and olive green with a natural looking tan and olive thatch. Active Pet & Play features PolyTurf's exclusive Cool Reflect heat reducing technology which keeps this turf up to 20 degrees cooler than standard synthetic turf, making for a safer, more comfortable play surface for children and pets.

Active Pet & Play also features PolyTurf's EnviroFlow rapid draining backing which allows for rapid, even drainage for a quick drying surface that doesn't hold on to odor causing bacteria. Active Pet & Play's short, light weight yarn fibers make this the easiest PolyTurf product to clean and maintain.


Fiber Weight 50 oz
Pile Height 1 5/8" Directional
Cool Reflect Technology  Yes
EnviroFlow Backing Yes
Roll Width 15'
Perforation Even drainage throughout
Color(s) Two Tone Spring & Olive Green with Tan & Olive Thatch
Warranty 10 Years
  • Cool Reflect Heat Reducing Fiber
  • EnviroFlow Rapid Draining Backing
  • Nanobac Antibacterial Technology
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Made With Recycled Content
  • Lead-Free, Non-Toxic
  • May be eligible for LEED credits
  • ADA Compliant
  • No Infill Needed
  • Natural Looking, Economical, and Easy to Clean
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