Polyturf's History

Artificial Turf Technologies For Residential, Commercial, and Municipal Landscaping, Playgrounds, and Sport Fields

PolyTurf has over two decades of experience in the synthetic turf industry and was a pioneer in the development of the synthetic turf or imitation grass market in the United States.

Since 1995, Karoleen Alexander, the president and founder of PolyTurf has been personally involved in developing innovative artificial turf or imitation grass technologies for the landscape, lawn, playground, and sport field markets. In 1999, after years of testing and working with synthetic turf manufacturers worldwide, PolyTurf was introduced to the Department of State Architects in California as an alternative to natural grass.

The development of PolyTurf as a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to natural grass coincided with a growing government and public concern regarding using recycled materials and encouraging water conservation.

Artificial Grass Product Development

PolyTurf has since developed a variety of sustainable and environmentally friendly synthetic turf products for numerous applications including landscaping, lawns, medians, playgrounds, rooftops, small sports fields, schools, daycares, pet facilities, and more. PolyTurf products are LEAD-free, LEED eligible, durable, safe, realistic in appearance, and 100% recyclable at the end of their life.

PolyTurf is a division of World Recycling Surfacing Group (WRSG). Please visit our other divisions at www.sustainablesurfacing.com and www.rubberway.com.

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