Synthetic Turf Benefits & Savings Calculator

PolyTurf® has numerous benefits over traditional lawns, including cost, appearance, environmental and health issues. The "Always Perfect Lawn" is beautiful year round without watering, weeding, mowing, and no more brown spots from your beloved pet. 

Water conservation issues have water costs rising, along with fines in many areas for excess water usage. Yards use a high percentage of water consumed each month by most households. According to the U.S. Water Consumption Statistics compiled by the U.S. Geological Survey and other agencies, 50-70% of residential water usage is used for outside watering of lawns and gardens.

Now there's the time and cost of upkeep. If you mow, feed, reseed and weed your lawn or have someone else handle it, imagine what you'll do with the extra time and money. There's also the added environmental benefit of eliminating urban runoff of fertilizers and pesticides, because normal lawn pests can't harm PolyTurf. If you have pets, you'll also like the fact that with PolyTurf their "donations" usually clean-up easier than grass, and unlike grass it won't get brown spots and can be quickly disinfected to avoid spreading potentially dangerous pathogens.

Many homeowners with light usage and traffic can expect their PolyTurf lawns to look great for up to 15 to 20 years. The average cost for a basic installation of PolyTurf averages $6.57/s.f., varying slightly more or less - depending on the PolyTurf variety chosen, total area and installation parameters. Sod typically runs $3.83/s.f. (based upon sod running $0.50/s.f., soil prep at $2.00/s.f., and irrigation system around $1.33/s.f.), and that doesn't count typical resodding during a span of eight years!


To estimate your savings over 8 years installing PolyTurf® instead of a traditional grass sod lawn, please input your monthly yardcare and water cost in dollars, and yard dimensions in feet. Then press the little "=" button to automatically calculate.

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