Champion Sport

Short and durable, Champion Sport is the best synthetic turf for sports fields, playgrounds, and other high use applications 

Champion Sport is specifically designed with optimal durability and tensile strength in mind, making it the best artificial grass for sports, recreation, and playgrounds. Anywhere that a long lasting, durable synthetic turf for high impact, rigorous athletic use is desired, Champion Sport if your top choice.

Champion Sport requires no rubber infill, which helps reduce injuries, limits run-off contamination, and makes the turf system easy to recycle at the end of its life. This short synthetic turf stands up well to high traffic without falling flat and is easy to clean and maintain for a long service life. Designed for both indoor and outdoor sports and recreation use, Champion Sport provides natural ball bounce and roll.

Champion Sport has been approved for use on municipal and school sports fields and is available in a two-tone spring green with a fescue and olive thatch. This product is available with PolyTurf's exclusive Cool Reflect heat reducing fiber technology for large custom orders, making this turf up to 20 degrees cooler than standard synthetic turf for a safer, more comfortable playing field. Thermal comfort is a critical benefit to the athletes and their ability to maintain peak performance while practice or a game is in progress. Lower temperatures on the field result in better focus, more time for play, and lessens the likelihood of injury and burns.


Yarn Polyethylene and polypropylene
Fiber Weight 69 oz
Pile Height 1 1/8" Directional
Cool Reflect Technology  Yes
Backing Polyurethane
Roll Width 15'
Perforation 4"
Color(s) Two Tone Spring Green with Olive Thatch
Warranty 10 Years


  • Durable 360 Micron Yarn
  • Excellent UV Stability for Hot Climates
  • Cool Reflect Heat Reducing Technology Available
  • Polyurethane Backing
  • Nanobac Antibacterial Technology
  • Made in the USA
  • Made With Recycled Content
  • Lead-Free, Non-Toxic
  • ADA Compliant
  • No Infill Needed
  • May be eligible for LEED credits
  • Short, Dense, and Durable
Champion Sport Synthetic Turf Specifications Download
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