Cool Reflect Technology

Cooler synthetic turf with Cool Reflect heat reducing technology

PolyTurf's tested Cool Reflect yarn has an SRI Value of 33 and reduces heat emittance up to 20 degrees compared to standard synthetic turf. This not only creates a safer, more comfortable surface but it also helps to diminish the urban heat island effect.

Conventional synthetic turf options can reach temperatures up to 160ºf and higher on an average sunny day. The heat generated by the activity on the turf combined with the climate, equates to a very uncomfortable and potentially dangerous surface, which can be a costly liability.

Thermal comfort is critical to you, your children, your players, and even your pet’s wellbeing. With our Cool Reflect synthetic grass systems, you can expect much lower temperatures on the field, playground, and in the backyard. The results are a safer environment, more time for play, and less likelihood of injury and burns.

When the Heat is On, Cool Reflect is in Full Effect

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